20 September 2013

Club l'Éclipse DIX71: New Montreal on-premises sex club

This just in: As of this Thursday, September 19th, L'Éclipse night club is an on-premises sex club!

It appears that after a year of negotiations, the club successfully upgraded their alcohol license to include nudity. According to their most recent newsletter, patrons can now have sex inside the club without police intervention.

If you've been looking for an alternate venue to L'Orage, this latest incarnation of the Cream team may just be it.

A Little History: Club Cream

Back in the early 2000s, the people behind l'Éclipse used to run parties at the legendary Club Cream. While it was not a sex club per se, Cream's theme nights catered to a wide variety of fetish scenesters and costume dandies.  According to  Bill Brownstein in his book Sex Carnival (2000), the club was a place where people from all walks of life could "fantasize without feeling guilty" (127).

PC, who by his own admission sounds uncannily like the guy sporting orange overalls whom Bernstein observed trying to light up a smoke while still wearing his gas mask, was a regular fixture at their events, enjoying many a wild night in his 20s (ask him about it!). 

L'Éclipse at Sauna 1082

I was familiar with L'Éclipse back when it was annexed to the now defunct sex club Sauna 1082. Regulars were mainly attractive, party-circuit, 30-something club kids who like to get drunk. Perhaps it was our bad luck, but the two couples whom we got to know a little bit better turned me off this type of venue. Our short-lived experiences with them made me suspicious of players who need to get shit-faced to get their freak on.  

Why? First, both women were not actually into swinging, but were clearly there to keep an eye on their men. How do I know? Dude #1 openly admitted to us that he had cheated on all his previous girlfriends, and his current gf was one of those bi-boring gals who only plays with women to please her guy -- and only after a few drinks. On the other hand, wife of dude #2 just couldn't say "no"openly to her husband. Instead, she'd get drunk fast, flake out, and end up not doing much of anything, while he'd carry on with whatever he was doing (which was usually fucking another woman).   

What's worse, both couples were shocked to hear that PC and I get tested regularly for STIs! Here's what I couldn't help but deduce from meeting them: Steer clear of people who need alcohol to fuck. It is often a sign of a power imbalance in their relationship or of a communication breakdown, and a refusal to take responsibility -- for their decisions AND for their sex acts. 

Fucking Bottle Service?

In light of my (albeit limited) negative experience with l'Éclipse regulars, I feel that the night-club-turned-sex-club's decision to encourage patrons to purchase bottle service by waiving the cover charge is highly irresponsible (but highly profitable?). 

Anyhow, it's also possible that PC and I landed on the wrong couples by chance, and that soured us to what may turn out to be a really happening place.

In short, it's not really my scene, but it may be yours -- especially if you enjoy costumes and sex. Their upcoming line-up promises to be a lot of mischievous fun, with a Leather & Lace night this Saturday, a Wild Wild West - Country Girls theme on September 28th, and a Pirates & Ninjas Halloween party.

Incidentally, if Halloween is your favourite night of the year, you can hit l'Éclipse on October 26th and l'Orage on November 2nd for a double-whammy of fantasy play time!

If you do go, please write in and let me + the rest of us know how it all went down. Maybe your experiences will convince me to give it another try....

Emma xox


Anonymous said...

I think you two should take one for the team (of readers) and go check it our for us... Common Em & PC, it's the right thing to do for your lowal readers :) (trying to guilt you into it here)

Awaiting your review with baited breath...

Emmanuelle Undine said...

LMAO! Too funny, but since you ask, maybe PC and I will "take one for the team" and check it out this fall. Twist my rubber arm, dammit! We'll keep you posted!

E. xoxox

Annie-F. said...

I was reading the french version of this post, and a question popped into mind while reading PC's description of the 2 couples with the less than content ladies. What is the best way to get STI tested regularly in Montreal? Are there specific clinics? Do we ask our family doctor?

Thanks for any insight you could give.

Emmanuelle Undine said...


Check out Clinique Médicale l'Actuel in the Berri-UQAM area. If I am not mistaken, they take new patients the first Wednesday of every month (or something like that).

Call them to find out more: http://cliniquelactuel.com

Emma xox ;)