23 September 2013

Ask Emma: Hot enough to handle?

Have a burning question you've always wanted to ask a sex blogger (a.k.a. a hot, horny woman or a sister in arms)? Go for it. I'll answer it in a dedicated entry. You can state your query in the comments' section of any post. Can't wait to hear from you! 

 Emma xox 

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You asked...

Hi Emma, 

I was really happy to find your blog and your posts on the swinging scene in Montreal. It was also [nice to] see the post from Chris. My wife and I have been fantasizing about playing with multiple partners for a long time. In particular we are looking for single men to play... I really love it when my wife is pleasured... but we live in the States and for a variety of reasons finding a local partner(s) isn't an option. 

We are planning a trip to Montreal for my birthday and are hoping to go to Club L'Orage. We're both a little nervous about our first experience being in the club scene. The open floor plan and public aspect you talk about is actually appealing to both of us, but it leaves us a little nervous too. 

We're both attractive and fairly fit but after kids and desk jobs no amount of exercise has us looking our "perfect" 20 year old selves anymore. Is the scene there uptight about appearances? Do you need to be model pretty to play or can more pedestrian body types join the fun? 

Thanks in advance and for sharing your experiences! 

I answer...

Hi American-couple-who-wanna-play-with-single-men! 

To ease your fears, all kinds of people of all shapes and sizes frequent sex clubs in Montreal. The age ranges from 20s (rare, but they exist) to mostly mid 30s, fab 40s, to fit 50s. From my years in the scene I can tell you that people here like the sun, yet are more likely to get boob jobs than facelifts. In other words, the older among the crowd generally take care of themselves (with some exceptions, of course), but are also like you: They have families, desk jobs, and etc., all of which keep them from still looking 20. That's not only ok, but healthy! 

For my part, when I'm looking for casual sex, attitude is more important than appearance. Besides, in the shadows of my imagination, I fuck all kinds of men and women! Incidentally, one of the hottest hookups we had at the now defunct Celeste was with a couple in their late fifties -- who were not in shape, looked their age, but had an easy-to-please attitude and skills to boot! (Best fingering and ass licking I ever got at a club!) 

My advice to you is this: Walk in with your head high, an easy smile, and, most importantly, no expectations. Always remember that, unlike the single men there, you are at an advantage: Even if you and your wife don't pick up, you're both getting laid anyway, right?

Keep me posted on how your sexy birthday in Montreal goes!

Emma xox


Nicolas said...

Bonjour Emma, je t'ai laissé un message hier sur Google Hangout mais je ne sais pas si tu l'as eu alors je me permets de le reposter dans ta section "Ask Emma".

Je voudrais te demander un conseil. J'aimerais faire un trip à 3 avec ma femme ou même un trip avec un autre couple. Récemment, j'ai rencontré une fille qui est en couple et je fantasme beaucoup sur elle. Alors j'aimerais savoir quelle est la meilleure façon de lui proposer une partie de sexe avec ma femme (et son chum) ?

J'ai pensé à lui demander directement oralement ou par email. J'ai aussi pensé à l'inviter à boire un coup dans un bar et à la draguer, ou alors à ce que ce soit ma femme qui la drague.

Enfin je ne sais pas comment m'y prendre pour avoir le plus de chance de réussite. Je précise que ma femme est tout à fait enchantée de faire cette expérience avec un autre couple.

Merci Emmanuelle de m'avoir lu jusqu'ici et en espérant avoir une réponse bientôt en privé ou sur ton blog, je te souhaite une bonne soirée.


Emmanuelle Undine said...

Salut Nicolas!

On viens de te répondre --excuse le délai!

A+ xoxo