11 July 2013


Looking for a BDSM-flavoured, easy summer read with a vintage feel? I've got one for you: John Norman's Captive of Gor, published in 1972.

The feminists among you may well be infuriated by the narrative's bitingly chauvinistic tone. As a feminist with submissive tendencies (a paradox, I well know), I was thrilled by the proud, arrogant heroine's enslavement and humiliation at the hands of brutes. Read it as pure fantasy, and the novel aught to fulfil many of your imaginary D/s scenarios. 

Those of you with a more refined palate will likely find the writing itself flat. I sure did. As a result, the character's emotional evolution, from a privileged, selfish and virginal New York socialite who uses men as pawns to an obedient, sexually exploited slave in full recognition of her masters' superiority is hardly credible. That said, the romantic sentimentalist in you will be satisfied with the ending.  

Most importantly, you will come to understand all the hype surrounding the term "kajira" in BDSM circles. 

Read it and like it? I have good news: It is book seven in a 32-volume series.

Emma xox

P.S. Later I'll tell you about the second book I brought with me to Mexico... and the kinky, albeit unexpected adventure it fuelled.