15 July 2013

Ask Emma: Wanna Fuck Me?

Have a burning question you've always wanted to ask a sex blogger? Go for it. I'll answer it in a dedicated entry. You can either state your query in the comments' section of any post, or send me an email at: [email address omitted 'cause too many of you guys took it as an invitation to solicit a hookup]

Can't wait to hear from you!

Emma xox

* * * 

Reader Question

How are you? 

Thank you so much for responding :) 

Personal email because I wanted to get to know you without everyone being locked in to what we are discussing but as you wish mademoiselle. 

I am very curious and intrigued by you and your open minded nature. Do you still meet people aside from your hubby? What can I do if i want to make that happen (in time of course and when it is right)? I am entering a very exploratory phase of my life and my birthday was a short while ago so I would love to enjoy and have some wild fun :) 

A little about me: 
[profession omitted]
Love food! (i am [ethnic origin omitted] hey!) lol 
Lived in [location omitted
Have the hormones of a 20 y/o 
Made wine 
Hockey guy 
Have a head to toe theory of pleasure (have a thing for the female butt and pretty feet) 

So there you go!! 

Hope to hear from you soon


Emma Answers

Hi D, 

I'm happy to hear that you are broadening your sexual horizons. It's always exciting to try new things and to meet new people in the process. 

Judging from your message and pictures, you seem like an attractive, nice, well-adjusted guy. To quote Homer Simpson, "I'm flattered, maybe even a little curious" by your proposition. 

That said, I have a strict policy against meeting readers. Sorry. 

I have no doubt that you will find fun, freaky women near you who are just as eager to explore their sexuality with you as you are with them. I may be vocal about my passions and desires, but this does not make me unique, trust me. Horny women are everywhere. The trick to finding them is to approach them with respect and earn their trust. Women are often afraid to reveal their kinky sides out of a fear of being judged or labelled. In other words, getting intimate with us takes time. 

However, if you need a quick fix, you can always head down to your local sex club on a single guys' night, and hope to get picked up by a horny couple looking for other men for threesome or moresome play. One thing to keep in mind: Know your place when you play with couples in this context. You are the fuck toy, so respect their boundaries. For example, if she or he tells you "no penetration," be happy to get your cock sucked. 

Good luck + let me know how things evolve for you!

Emma xox

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