25 April 2013

Real Friends, Real Benefits

To imagine my Dani, picture Daenerys
with dark hair and brown eyes.
This post is dedicated to Dani + Sean, and to my FetLife friend passionate_kink, who expressed a desire to read "more details about the senses, feelings, and touches at the time of the actual sexual/kinky encounters." I hope I haven't let you down!

Emma xox

* * * 

I've had an epiphany recently. Fucking friends is more satisfying than fucking strangers. There. I said it. After close to three years of ranting about the joys of anonymous sex, I've finally figured out why polyamorous players prefer to fuck people whom they already care about – or become friends with those whom they love to fuck.

For one, the sex is more intimate. When my new muse Dani, dark-eyed and raven-haired, Khaleesi of my heart, whose fierce compassion and commitment to social causes rivals the passion of Daenerys, the dragon queen… when her hands graze my skin I can feel the fire in her fingertips kindle a need in me I have never experienced with another woman. 

I’m drawn to her, I want her, I want to devour her…. When PC and her lover touch me, somehow, they seem so distant…. A veil envelops she and I as we melt into each other, arm in arm, legs entwined, her hair falling over my eyes…. Deeper, I want to go deeper, to pull her inside out… I force myself to hold back, this is our first time, what if I scare her off?

The next morning I woke up dreaming of Dani’s pert little mouth, and masturbated to her fisting me.

(Dani, if you’re reading this, know that I will never forget your shrill squeals of laughter after I expressed my desire to be fisted, how you held my hand tighter, our men lying beside us, how I hope that someday your small hand will slide into my cunt, two, three, four fingers at a time, until your knuckles spread me open and my pubic bone crackles in praise of your delicate persistence….)

PC has known Dani for years. They studied together in undergrad and quickly became close friends, as kindred spirits are wont to do. Until that fateful Easter Saturday night at the Céleste, their relationship had always remained platonic. Strangely, I think it still is. I’ve learned that you can fuck someone and still love him like a brother.

 Her lover, Sean, a tall, fair-haired, 4:20 friendly bohemian, we’ve only met twice: First at our wedding, next at the Céleste. The contrast between these two encounters was nowhere near as stark as you might think. Sean’s warmth and easy, understated charm shines through in any context, from suited to nude.

I’m looking forward to exploring his sensuality in our next play session, especially since we are his and Dani’s first foursome. There is nothing more satisfying than initiating friends to the transcendent pleasures of group sex....

How was our night together at the Céleste, you might be wondering? I’ll tell you all about it soon….

Emma xox

P.S. I apologize for not posting this at the magic, midnight witching hour. I’ve been struggling with a head cold all week, and writing has been unusually difficult on account of the brain fog.


Leopauldine said...

Em, I originally came across your blog via an intro from L'Orage's Webzine and I love it!!! I am slowly getting caught up on your previous blogs and I enjoy the read.
My man and I are discovering what makes us click, and it's truly the first time where I am able and allowed to express my desires and it is not met with reproach or distain. That being said, we are new to the scene and I appreciate reading how beautiful all of these experiences can be, so thank you for sharing and please keep writing... ;)

Emmanuelle Undine said...

Hi Leopauldine,

Thank you so much for writing in! I appreciate your feedback. :)

As for your kinky exploration with your man: ENJOY every moment of it!


Emma xox