21 March 2013

Jailed & Nailed Inside Montreal's Sex Club l'Orage - Part 2

In my series of real Montreal sex stories, I take you inside some of the city's most notorious sex clubs. Read on to find out how my husband and I pick up other swinger couples & hot singles for threesomes, foursomes, and orgies.

If you’d like to read the first part of the adventure I conclude in this post, featuring the delicious unicorn Mariève, it begins here. 

* * *

1:45 A.M. Saturday Morning 
L’Orage Club, 7387 Saint-Hubert

It’s a slow night at L’Orage. There’s one guy sitting by himself at the bar, sipping what looks like a gin & tonic, making small talk with JeePee, the shaggy-haired owner. Another lingers in the back room. Holding hands, we cross the empty dance floor and make our way straight to the jail cell near the showers. 

Grabbing me by the hair, PC opens the iron door and pushes me onto the small cot. “Get naked,” he commands. I hesitate. One of the guys is pressed up against the grated door, eyes wide with anticipation. Looking at me sternly, PC grabs me by the chin. “What did I say?” “Daddy,” I whimper, wrapping my arms around his neck and pressing him close, “I’m shy.” “Ok, baby,” he whispers as he nibbles my earlobe, iron fingers gripping my neck. “I’ll go easy on you.” 

2:15 A.M. - Mini Bukkake 

Next thing you know we’re both naked, PC’s fucking my ass doggie-style in front of our audience of one. He's thrusting hard, squeezing, spreading, slapping my cheeks until I feel them burn. My back arches as I push back against him, I want him deeper. Balancing on one arm I'm working my clit with my free hand, spreading my cunt's sticky sweetness all over it. Then I feel it, swelling as a wave of euphoria washes over me. My asshole contracts one last time around PC's cock. He slides out of me suddenly, groaning. His hard cock slaps my ass, warm cum drips down my crack. Little pearl droplets pool on the cot's slick black vinyl cover. 

We wipe up the mess, get dressed. The man is still staring at us. 

With the low scoop neck of my tight black dress sliding off my right shoulder, skirt bunched up at my waist, I hold out my hands through the metal gate, palms open in offering. The guy edges in closer to face me through the iron door. His cock falls into my hands, hard and heavy. He grips it midway, his thumb working over the base of the head. Rubbing the tip into my fingers, he starts to jack off in short, quick strokes. 

Soon his cock swells, bucks, and, in one final thrust, pours out a stream of warm, creamy cum into my open hands. “Thank you,” he breathes through a sigh. I look up at him with a surprised smile. I’ve had guy shake my hand after an anonymous hookup, but this is the first time a man actually thanks me for sex.


Anonymous said...

whoa... thats good reading. Makes me want to go to l'orage now.

Emmanuelle Undine said...

Thanks! L'Orage is like that -- anything can happen! Who knows, maybe I'll see you there sometime ;)

azbandras said...

I enjoyed the read. Thanks!

Emmanuelle Undine said...

@azbandras: Glad to oblige, as always! ;)

Anonymous said...

I love l'Orage and women like u makes it so enjoyable...See you there

Emmanuelle Undine said...

Thanks, @Anonymous! Adventurous women aren't the only ones who make L'Orage special: The men who respect us and our boundaries keep us coming back for more! ;)

Chemise Rouge said...

It's fun to read your story when I exactly know the place, it adds to it ;-)) even if it's been over a year we've visited.

Emmanuelle Undine said...

@Chemise Rouge: Thanks you!!! I know what you mean -- I love reading stories about places I've been to. It makes me feel like I am somehow part of the story.

Anonymous said...

Hi Emma nice stories ;)
We are a couple. Went for first time at orage few months ago. Nice place, clean. They problem was that there were toooo many guys. They were following us all the time. I have no prob with that. But my wife was feeling bad coz for real there was a lot of guys anyway. We are more like between couples only. The question is: there is any day that there is only couples or single girls. Not like a 20 guys for couple ? Wich one is best Celeste or Orage?

Emmanuelle Undine said...

Hi @Anonymous! Sorry for the late reply!

Ok, if you want to avoid being tailed by all the single guys in the place, check out l'Orage on a Saturday night -- single woman and couples' night.

As for which is best, Celeste or Orage, read my most recent review of the Celeste and judge for yourself. :)
(It all depends on you. Do you need privacy when you play, or do you enjoy l'Orage's open-concept play areas?)


E xox

Anonymous said...

Hey Emma, Love your blog!
My girlfriend and I are in our late twenties and are looking into swinging. Our main concern is age. We have been to one other club and most, if not all the couples were much older and not in very good shape. Is it the same with L'orage? They say the ages range from 30-45 but is this really true? Are there any singles or couples in their twenties? Do you have any suggestions?

Emmanuelle Undine said...

Hi @Anonymous: Thanks for the blog love! ;)

About age + swinging in Montreal: It truly is hit and miss. I can say with certainty that couples in their 20s are a minority in the sex club scene. Most often you will find people in their 30s and 40s. I have a hunch that poly, 20s something couples find other avenues to pick up. Have you tried to meet other couples your age online? If you're looking exclusively for couples or single women and you speak French, you can try http://www.leslibertins.com

It is a pay-per-use site, but the plus side is that before your profile is accepted they will call you to confirm that you are legit (make sure your gf answers, because if they only speak to the guy they will not approve the profile). We met some interesting people on there, but ultimately discovered that online is not for us.

If you are anglo you can try Adult Friend Finder. It has a very user-friendly interface, but what turned us off is that you can rate your experiences with people. (Talk about bad taste! I'm not a pro offering a paid service!)

Good luck and do write in to tell me how you're doing!

Emma xox

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the response :) We have tried adult friend finder in the past and didn't really do it for us. Kind of just gave up on the online thing, which is why we are thinking clubs and/or house parties would work better. We are not originally from Montreal so we don't have many friends here and we aren't the clubbing/bar type. We have tried and came close but the couples eventually flake out. We will definitely try out L'orage though. We are thinking maybe Saturday. Will let you know how it goes. Also is the club D/s friendly? We are very rough together I don't want people getting uncomfortable.

Thanks! JT xoxo

Emmanuelle Undine said...

Hey JT,

About online couples flaking out: Tell me about it! That's one big reason why we dropped the whole online thing too. I also started to notice that more often than not the guy was the one running the online profile, so that when we actually met the couple the vibe was tense and awkward....

As for l'Orage and D/s, they host special BDSM nights (usually the Sunday of a long weekend). I imagine that you can get away with some D/s play on a Saturday night, but be careful to negotiate boundaries if anyone jumps in to join you....

Do tell me how your evening at l'Orage goes!

Emma xox

Anonymous said...

Hey JT,
my partner and I are in the same spot. We're younger and in shape, into D/S minus some of the pageantry. Perhaps we know each other? Something tells me more people our age are into the scene but not sure how to get involved, or would rather it come up organically. If only there were some sort of signal, hanky-style!

Emmanuelle Undine said...

Hey you (in response to JT),

You can wait for things to come up "organically," but if you don't seed your soil and water it, nothin' s ever going to grow there.

That said, a signal would be great! Even better: If there was a new club in the city where we could all meet.... something less intense than l'Orage and cooler than the Celeste. Oh, and affordable, so we could be there regularly! (A girl can dream....)

Keep me posted on how things develop on your end. If you discover clever new ways to pick up couples + singles, so tell!!!

Emma xoxo

Anonymous said...

It seems like there's a lot of couple in the same situation. We are also in our 20s and we have been unsuccessful searching online so far. We have been hesitant to go to the clubs because we have been told that there is nobody our age. So if you are interested you can contact us on this email sweetoreo11@gmail.com

Emmanuelle Undine said...

Hi sexy 20-somethings,

Maybe I will take you up on your offer some day. Right now I've got my hands full with our baby girl!

Happy hunting!