1 April 2012


Man's feelings are always purest and most glowing in the hour of meeting and of farewell.
-Johann Paul Friedrich Richter

Dear readers,

PC and I have arrived at a momentous conclusion: We wish temporarily to close off our relationship -- not only from other lovers, but, sadly, also from you, dear readers. Understand that this was a very difficult decision to make, and that I have wrestled with it since the New Year.

The truth is this: We never anticipated that our exploration of BDSM and kink would turn out to be so volatile, intense, and ... intimate.  For those of you who have traveled this road and are further along on your journey, you know what I mean. For those of you who, like us, have taken your first steps together down this path, I hope that your discoveries are as fulfilling as ours have been.

If you recall, this blog began in celebration of the new-found sexual freedom I gained through the non-monogamous union I share with PC. As our relationship evolved, two factors motivated our transition from swinging to kink: The underlying psycho-sexual dynamic in our marriage and my yearning for greater intimacy with PC.

At present, I feel compelled to live out our intimacy in its full intensity, without reflecting on it intellectually: Without digesting it, extracting its essence, and restructuring it in words.

In short, I take a leave of absence from you until this coming fall. I may, if the urge strikes me, post random entries in the coming weeks; however, weekly posts will only resume when the cold sets in again. Keep in mind also that I will be managing the blog on a weekly basis, so you are always welcome to comment on posts that inspire you.

Have a great spring + summer!

E. xox 


SapioSlut said...

Totally understand, E.

Best wishes,

MJRH said...

I used to enjoy your blog early on, butI think you over analyse sex. Its supposed to be fun, if it feels good do it, if not don't.

If every action and reaction is treated analytically, you lose the spontaneity.

Your writing style is great, but has become a bit pretentious. Like a thesis, not conversational which I think works better in a blog.

Anyway, enjoy your summer sabbatical.

Emmanuelle Undine said...

@SS: Thanks! ;)

@MJRH: Thanks for the insight!

The shift in perspective of my blog was inevitable, since I experience my sexuality as something that is in constant evolution.

About the "pretentious" tone of late: That's one way to describe it. ;)

It's funny, because I've had other people say that the early stuff was "flaky." Ah well, you can't blame a gal for writing, for better or for worse! (Perhaps the pedantic style I sometimes adopt betrays my academic roots....)

Cheers to you both!

E. xox

Anonymous said...

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MAB said...

I just happened across your blog this week - I love your honesty and openness - very refreshing!
My partner and I are very new to the swinger and BDSM scene and travel to Montreal fairly often ... Any suggestions where a couple of newbies should start their journey - we usually are based in Old Montreal?
Any insights would be greatly appreciated .... Also are you still planning to write again soon?